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Wildlife Sanctuaries & Ramsar Sites

Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary
A 13km² bird Sanctuary located 23km northwest of Kumasi. It has an inner Sanctuary of about 7km, which surrounds a lake, formed by the damming of the Owabi River .The Sanctuary is also the only inland Ramsar site in Ghana. More

Agmatsa Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Hohoe district of the Volta Region on the Togo-Buen ranges. An hour's walk through cool shades of trees will lead you to Ghana's highest waterfalls. The beauty of the falls is enhanced not only by the towering face of the gorge but most impressively by the several thousands of fruit bats clinging to its sides. More

Boaben-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

A community based Sanctuary located in the Nkoranza district of Brong Ahafo Region. The sanctuary protects the headwaters of the streamsin the locality.& has a good number of the Black and White Colobus, Mona, spot nosed monkeys and a variety of birds. More

Tafi Monkey Sanctuary

A sacred grove traditional conservation area backed by statutory enforcement in co-operation with local communities. It is located in the Volta Region of Ghana. Tafi Atome is the home of Mona and Patas monkeys. These monkeys are found in a remnant patch of forests, which has survived fire and human disturbance around the village. These monkeys are regarded as gods and as such the natives do not kill them. They are protected by tradition. More

Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site

1200km² and lagoon area of 300km² (the largest in Ghana), has been established as a wetland protected area (Ramsar site) with multiple-use management and significant local participation. It has a conservation objective of protecting thousand of migratory birds, the mangrove forest and is a breeding grounds of sea turtle. Bird watching. More

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