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EU FLEGT Briefing notes
9 Documents
These Briefing sheets describe the main aspects of the FLEGT Action Plan, and address some of the most frequently asked questions. It also includes briefing notes developed during the implementation stage of the VPA
JMRM Missions
4 Documents
Presentations on VLTP/VPA
5 Documents
These Presentations outline the rationale of the VLTP, the approach of the EU to combat illegal logging through the EU FLEGT Action Plan, the Advantages of the VPA for partner countries, VPA process update etc...
VLTP Background Papers
2 Documents
The following VLTP Background Papers discuss the current taxation system, the domestic timber market, Institutional framework for Implementation of VLTP and other relevant issues concerning Ghana's Forest sector.
VLTP Discussion Papers
1 Documents
These papers discuss issues relevant to the smooth implementation of the Validation of Legal Timber Programme (VLTP). Papers include, the VLTP and its stepwise implementation process,the legal framework for implementation of VLTP, the institutional framework for implementation of VLTP and the review of the current taxation system relevant to the forest sector in Ghana...
VPA Agreement
0 Documents
VPA Agreement
VPA Briefing Papers
3 Documents
The VPA briefing papers provide an overview of the proceedings leading to Ghana and the EU entering into a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA). This agreement is to govern trade between the two parties...
VPA Discussion Papers
1 Documents
These discussion papers are meant to stimulate thinking on the broader implications of the VPAs from the perspective of the producer country...
VPA Workshop proceedings
0 Documents
Reports on VPA Implementation process



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