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23 Sep 2008
Climate change talks in Ghana have yielded progress on forestry as an agreement for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) moved closer. It is clear that whatever the final agreement, implementation of REDD will involve a wide variety of technical and financial methods–the details of which will take considerable time to finalize. Read on
15 Sep 2008
Under the terms of the pact, Ghana is obliged to establish a transparent licensing scheme for EU-bound timber exports that certifies that all of the goods have been legally harvested. The deal also compels the EU to establish a system that ensures that uncertified Ghanaian timber is not able to be enter the market...
04 Sep 2008
The European Union has signed a sustainable forestry deal with Ghana that would stop imports of illegally-harvested timber from the West African nation, according to a statement released by the European Forest Institute. Read more
04 Sep 2008
Ghana agreed to crack down on illegal timber exports on Wednesday in a trade deal with the European Union seen as a blueprint for EU accords with other tropical nations to slow deforestation, EU officials said. Read more
04 Sep 2008
Ghana and The European Union on Wednesday signed a groundbreaking trade agreement that would stop imports of illegal timber into Europe from Ghana. Read more
03 Sep 2008
The European Union on Wednesday inked a landmark deal with Ghana to fight illegal timber exports from the West African country, the EU said. The agreement signed in the Ghanaian capital Accra, on the sidelines of an international forum on the effectiveness of aid, would stop timber illegally logged in Ghana from entering the European Union market. Read more
11 Jun 2008
Grants worth over US$2 million to assist sustainable forest management in Africa were announced at a meeting of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) underway here this week…Read on
16 May 2008
The on-going round of negotiations in Accra between the government of Ghana and the EU aimed at establishing a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on trade in timber will end by close of day today. The Ministry of Lands, Forestry and Mines is spearheading the negotiations on behalf of the government. Read more
11 May 2008
It is the third negotiation since the VPA process begun in December 2006, upon the request of the Ghana government to the EU for such an agreement to be reached, in order to safeguard the country’s timber trade with the EU. The first was held in Accra, Ghana in March 2007 and the second was held in Brussels, Belgium in June 2007.Read more
10 Dec 2007
Ghana’s consultative process at institutionalizing the proposed Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) has been commended by the European Union (EU). The VPA is an agreement that would be contracted between the EU and timber- producing countries to prevent illegally produced timber from entering the EU markets. Read more
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